Hellenic Histories

Hellenic Histories

Author: Victoria Sandels

Pages: 550, B&W

First Published: 2015

Price: 18 Euros (plus 5.50 Euros postage within EU)


An extensive and personal look at Greece's history, culture and everyday life. The book deals with everything from ancient beliefs to modern cooking and cursing in a light but yet in-depth manner. You can read it back to back or pick it up from time to time as each chapter deals with a different topic.

When writing Hellenic Histories I was aiming to cover as much as possible about Greece, especially those quirky little details like why candy is actually named after the island of Crete and why almost all nations call the country Greece when it is, in fact, called Ellas.


There is no way of writing about everything, but I went with what I find interesting and hopefully, my readers will too.

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