Patron Saints & their Icons


Author: Victoria Sandels

Pages: 30, Colour

First Published: 2016

Price: 9 Euros (plus 5,50 Euros postage within EU)


This colourful booklet is about some of the most popular Icons of Saints in the Orhodox Church and what they represent. Here, you can read short summaries of their lives but also discover how the details in these unique images tell us about who they were and how they lived or died.

When entering an Orthodox Church the visitor is often awestruck with the amount of icons that cover the whole interior. At first glance they may seem extremely similar but with the help of this booklet they will start making sense and you will learn how to pay attention to the specific details of each image.


The booklet also contains an index where you can find out which saints are patrons of various professions, illnesses or life situations.


Whether you are a visitor in Greece. Cyprus, Russia, Bugaria, Serbia or any other Orthodox country this will be a perfect little companion for understanding the imagery in the churches and monasteries you want to visit.

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