I have been working as a tour guide for two decades and my speciality is ancient history and mythology as well as religious traditions of Greece. If that is your thing too, you might enjoy some of my trips to the local sites, neighbouring islands and walks on Skiathos.


I work independently and if you are coming out with a group of friends and family I can tailor tours just for you.



Skiathos has something for everyone and here is a short presentation of a selection of my tours.

The Evangelistria Monastery


This is one of the most beautiful and interesting places on Skiathos. It houses a wonderful collection of photographs, relics and artefacts from the island as well as a shop where local produce such as wine and herbal remedies are sold.


During the tour you will be guided through the church and museum and hear some of the amazing stories of is struggles, history and miracles.

Skiathos Town


This walking tour lasts for about 1,5 hrs and usually takes place in the evenings as the churches are open for visitors. The walk goes through the winding streets of the old neighbourhood Plaes during which you will hear much about local history and traditions away from shops and bars.

Delicacies of Skiathos


An introduction to the local drinking and eating habits. This is presented as a small soire where you will be presented with wines, cheeses, liquers, sweets and more from the island to taste and enjoy.

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